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At Shikshaa Simple Learn, we cost your believe & recognize your privacy. This Privacy Policy affords you with important points about how your information is collected, saved & used by way of us. You are recommended to study this Privacy Policy carefully. By downloading and the use of the Shikshaa Simple Learn internet site you expressly provide us consent to use & expose your private facts through this Privacy Policy. If you do no longer agree to the phrases of the policy, please do now not use or get right of entry to Shikshaa Simple Learn.

Note: Our privateness coverage may additionally alternate at any time barring prior notification. To make positive that you are conscious of any changes, kindly evaluation the coverage periodically. This Privacy Policy shall follow uniformly to Shikshaa Simple Learnapplications, computer internet site & cellular WAP site.

Enrollment and Course Access

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To enroll in a course at Shikshaa Simple Learn Academy, it is essential to provide accurate and complete information during the enrollment process. This includes your personal details and payment information. Please be diligent in ensuring the accuracy of the information you provide.

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Once you are enrolled, you will be granted access to the course materials for the specified duration. It is important to note that these materials, such as videos, texts, and resources, are protected by copyright. This means they are intended for personal use only. Sharing, selling, or distributing these materials to others, whether enrolled or not, is strictly prohibited without explicit permission from Shikshaa Simple Learn Academy.

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Student Conduct and Responsibilities

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At Shikshaa Simple Learn Academy, we are committed to maintaining a learning environment that is both respectful and inclusive. All students are expected to interact with instructors and fellow learners with the utmost respect and professionalism.

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Discriminatory behavior, harassment, or any form of offensive conduct is not tolerated. Any violations may lead to the immediate termination of course access.

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Upholding academic integrity is of paramount importance. Plagiarism and cheating are strictly prohibited. Students must submit original work and provide proper citations for any sources they use in their assignments or projects. Violations of academic integrity may result in disciplinary actions, including potential course expulsion and legal consequences, if necessary. It is crucial for students to maintain the highest standards of academic honesty.



By enrolling in Shikshaa Simple Learn Academy, you accept these terms and conditions and agree to abide by them. We are committed to providing you with a positive and enriching learning experience. Please read the full terms and conditions carefully for a comprehensive understanding of our policies and guidelines.

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